Meet Hailey

Motivated. Passionate. Sassy.

As a student at Syracuse University studying Public Relations at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications and Information Management & Technology at the School of Information Studies, these three qualities have shaped my personality and experiences.

Motivation helps me push myself to be a better student and human being. I love writing and learning everything I can about social media. A part of being successful is to surround yourself with others who are motivated, so I have found a great circle of friends and professors who also push themselves to be better. As I continue my college career, I will develop my skills in social media, website design, graphic design and public relations.

Currently I have several important roles at the School of Information Studies that allow me to expand my knowledge about Public Relations and social media. As a teaching assistant for Social Media and the Enterprises, or #rotoloclass, I learn more about how social media impacts different industries while sharing my love for social media with other students. I am also a journalist for the iSchool Newsroom, where I improve my interviewing and writing skills while having fun learning more about SU students. Finally, as the head of Intergalactic Relations for NEXIS, a social media research lab on campus, I can work more on brand building and working with different publics.

I put passion into absolutely everything I do! You put your name on what you create, so I put all of my heart and time into my work to produce the best results possible. I love to meet people, get to know them better, and build those relationships with great people I meet! I invest my passions in my friends, work, figure skating, running, yoga, fashion, family and anything orange.

As for the sass? Well, that’s something that you will discover yourself as you get to know me.


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