Nice To Meet You!

      I’m Hailey, a sophomore studying Public Relations and Information Management & Technology at Syracuse University. I’m extremely passionate about studying social media and how it builds relationships between peers and with organizations.
      I graduated from Lower Moreland High School in Huntingdon Valley, PA, a small town bordering Philadelphia. I have a sister, Kelsey, a brother, Danny, two dogs and three cats. During high school, I was a competitive figure skater and captain of my synchronized figure skating team, Philadelphia Symmetry. During my career as captain, we qualified and competed at the U.S. Synchronized Figure Skating Championships in California.
      During my college career, I intend to focus my studies on social media and communications. I love technology and how it empowers people to innovate and create. Social media empowers everyone to have a voice, share personal stories and connect to people in ways they never imagined were possible. As a student in the Social Media and the Enterprises course, I created a YouTube video as a part of our “Viral Video” project titled “Call Me Maybe Syracuse University.” During the spring and summer, the video received over 100,000 views and was featured on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer, Mashable, #140Conference and other major conference around the world. By experiencing the power generated by this video, my passion for social media and its role in our society grew exponentially. I am currently a teaching assistant for the course and have the opportunity to share my passions with other students.
      Aside from studying social media, I also love running and yoga. I caught the running bug from my dad, a 15-time marathon runner, so I like to race and go on runs through the land preserve across the street from my house. I plan on racing the Mountain Goat Run in May and participate in the Flower City Challenge in April. To balance out the intensity of running, I enjoy practicing yoga in my free time to relax and learn about the concepts of spirituality.
      I am proud to call myself an SU student and do tons of activities around campus to share my love for the Orange Nation. I am a part of U100, a student ambassador group the conducts tours for prospective students. I also work for New Explorations in Information and Science, a social media and technology lab at the School of Information Studies. I also work as a journalist for the School of Information Studies, where I write blog posts andpress releases about events around school. I love to compete in hackathons, as well, and was named winner of the MLB College Challenge this past semester.
      As I blog about topics for my Advanced PR Writing for the Digital Age course, feel free to post your thoughts or questions and I would be happy to answer!

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